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All UK nationals who are resident in Cyprus and fall within the scope of the Withdrawal Agreement will retain their residency rights irrespective of the fact that their residency applications will be submitted at a later date.

Also news on impact on Passports; Driving Licences,

Cyprus is a great place to live! It has 340 days of sunshine a year, friendly people, great wine, good food, they speak English, they drive on the left (mostly), a great social and cultural life, the law is mostly English, there is almost no crime, housing is cheaper than UK, the cost of living can still be less than UK and there are also tax advantages.


You have to be registered to live here!

That means your should have either :

A certificate of Registration (MEU1) or

A Certificate of Permanent Residency (MEU3)

Good news, the Republic of Cyprus Government are making it easier! – It is not difficult

There are estimated to be 70,000 British Nationals living in Cyprus

At present up to 31,000 are believed to be unregistered or hold invalid registration   


Because all the old forms of registration have been revoked.

The UK withdrawal from the EU makes Residency Registration essential.

MEU1 and MEU3 only apply to EU citizens.

If you are unregistered you are liable to a €2,500 fine.

If you have not registered for residency and want to know which certificate you need and how to apply, this site will inform and assist you.

If you are Elderly, or Disabled, or have difficulty understanding the process, or Living Remotely and have nobody to help you – Then our team can help you.

 If you have somebody to help you – then advice and guidance for them is also available.

The Cyprus Residency Planning Group CRPG is an associate of CIFSA and supported by the UK FCO Nationals’ Support Fund.

CONTACT US : Free Call 80009009 or Tel – 99826087 Mon—Fri: 10:00AM–1:00PM    or  email:   contactus@cyprus-crpg.org