About Us

Visitors to Cyprus who remain on island up to 90 days are not required to register with the Ministry of Interior, Civil Registry & Migration Department.

All individuals who remain in Cyprus for longer than 90 days are obligated under Law to register with the Civil Registry & Migration Department. Failure to do so can result in legal and financial penalties.

The Cyprus Residency Planning Group (CRPG) is an associate partner of the Cyprus International Financial Services Association (CIFSA) and is comprised of  a group of concerned, professionals and volunteer Cypriot residents, forming a “Not for Profit” organisation dedicated to locating and getting assistance for “Those  UK Nationals who may find it hard to complete all the paperwork, particularly pensioners and disabled; those living in remote areas or with mobility difficulties and those needing assistance with language translation or interpretation and who for whatever reason cannot respond and help themselves“.

We try to make the regulations clear and understandable, advise the best and easiest way to comply with the process and complete the documentation required. Then publicise and spread the word, as widely as possible, to try to locate UK Nationals who require support. We also seek Agents will to help UK Nationals who require support to get the necessary registration. We also try to put those- who require support in touch with Authorised Representatives who may help them.

The UKs withdrawal from the European Union has certainly exacerbated the need for registration and Residency Documentation – The situation still exists and we ask you to help. If you are willing to spread the word, a document to spread the word, educate, motivate and encourage can be found at cascade document, and also if you are willing to help others please contact us.

CRPG is a wholly volunteer, not for profit group, an associate partner of CIFSA dedicated to delivery of the FCO UK Nationals Support Fund  – Citizen Registration Program