Signposts to Agencies which could Help

A number of Agencies who may be able to help help you have been contacted.

If you are  disabled, confused  or unable to help yourself especially if you come under their umbrella then they may be able to help.

The information is in the public domain on their web sites – where there is no Contact number there is a contact  us form on the site.

Organisation Tel No Website – Most have Contact Us
AAFB Cyprus Alzheimer’s Association (Famagusta Branch). 23740022
ABF Army Benevolent Fund 25221532
ACA Air Crew Association Contact


C3A Cyprus Third Age (Limassol) 25543077


CIFSA Cyprus International Financial Services Association 25 346 800
CPFG Cyprus Pensioners’ Focus Group Contact  
Lions Lions’ Club Paphos contact
P3A Paphos 3rd Age 99792579


PORDP Pan Cypriot Organization for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons. 22406460 /70004700
PRA Pissouri Residents’ Association 97768323; 25212334.


Probus Probus, (Senior Rotary) 24 531167


RAFA Royal Air Force Association 99 986168


RBL Royal British legion 99014479
RLC Royal Logistics Corps (RLC) Association. 99556916


RNA Royal Naval Association Contact


Rotary Rotary Club 99 531088


SSAFA Soldiers, Sailors, and Air Force Association 99556916


St Barnabas Church St Barnabas Church 99463054


St Georges Lodge St Georges Lodge 99889436


U3A Larnaca University 3rd Age, Larnaca contact


UKCA Cyprus United Kingdom Citizens Association 26952470



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