Appeal for Helpers

Cyprus Residency Planning Group – a call for your help

Funded by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office UK Nationals Support Fund, CRPG, a welfare operation managed entirely by volunteers, has been set up to help UK Nationals who may struggle to complete and submit residency applications. CRPG needs volunteer Case Agents who are willing to put in the effort to help the many unregistered disabled and other at-risk British citizens. Training is given and expenses will be paid.  Once lockdown has been lifted CRPG Case Volunteers will contact individuals who so much need the  support, and help them through the residency application process.

Following an article in the Cyprus Mail in May, Cyprus Residency Planning Group (CRPG) received a great response and are thankful to everyone who has contacted the Help Line. However, many of the people who contacted CRPG did not fall into the category of “persons deemed at risk’. Therefore, CRPG would like to hear from those who may find it hard to complete all the paperwork, particularly pensioners, disabled people, those living in remote areas, or with mobility difficulties and who, for whatever reason, cannot manage the application process. There is still a significant number of people on island who fall into these categories and who remain unregistered. It is essential that all UK Nationals in Cyprus have MEU documents in order to safeguard their rights following the UK’s exit from the EU.

The CRPG would like to ask readers who fall into the above categories and need help – or  know of anyone who needs help – or who are indeed willing to help – to please contact the Help Line 99826087, or email and visit the website and for more information on living in Cyprus and what is required to submit a residency application.

This is a free service and there is also an alternative free call number 80009009.

The CRPG is working to ensure that all UK persons ‘deemed at risk’ are in possession of the necessary residency permits and is appealing to all communities for assistance in reaching this group of people.