BHC Advice Links

The British High Commission (BHC) have advised us of the following very useful sites  – Just click on the underlined title

BHC FaceBook;

BHC The Cyprus Living in Guide:

BHC Cyprus Travel Advice:

On those pages you can also sign up for alerts on changes

The Cyprus Gov have published some guidance about residency for those who were already in Cyprus pre EU Exit: se e BREXIT  and  Effect of Withdrawal : also on the latter site are links to the new MUKW1 or 2 or 3 application processes and forms.

The GESY Vaccine Roll out & Registration for legal residents who are GESY beneficiaries:

Vaccine Roll out & Registration For legal residents who are non-GESY beneficiaries:


Driving Licences after BREXIT  the Cyprus Department of Road Transport have issued a decree allowing British visitors and tourists to drive in Cyprus using a UK driving licence. Residents and people who plan to stay longer than 6 months must exchange their UK license for a Cypriot one before 7/07/2021.

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