CRPG Statistics

To date ( 20th June 2021)

The Help Desk serviced 960 applicants with multiple calls for many of them.

The Website had 31,400 hits all time (as at20 June 2020)

Twitter had 3,710 views in the quarter

Facebook posts were 8,880 in the quarter

Utube had 305 views

Total accessing the service via social media and the Help Desk in Q3 is 24,255

The Help Desk supported 960 cases, of which 816 were sent documents for residency application or given referral information for other services. Total cases registered as vulnerable in Q3 and needing case-worker help on a face-to-face basis was 144.

150 cases were approved by MoI for MEU residency documents.

The free-phone service took 30 calls relating to the UK government letter to all UK pensioners. The callers were Cypriots with UK pensions who were anxious they were going to lose their pensions.

8 more volunteers were trained, and clear guidelines published on documentation needed to make an application.

Radio advert (dialogue between two vulnerable persons) ran successfully for 3 months.

Newspaper articles and journal adverts published on a regular basis