Questions and Answers on post Withdrawal Agreement

as updated on best information at  1st  August  2021

  1. Is CRPG still operating?
    Yes, CRPG will continue until 31st December 2021.
  2. Where will UKN’s go for advice after CRPG ceases to operate?
    There is always plenty of advice and help on the British High Commissions’ Living in Cyprus Guide which can be found on the GOV UK website https://www.gov.uk/guidance/living-in-cyprus and, of course, the MOI – see Q5 for web link.
  3. Will people still be able to apply for the MUKW1, 2 or 3 going forward?
    Only if that person arrived, or was resident, in Cyprus prior to the end of the Withdrawal Agreement, i.e. 31 December 2020 and has documentary evidence to support their application – the CRPG Help Desk can advise on this.
  4. How can I get an appointment at my local immigration without queuing for hours in the heat?
    There is now an online portal where you can make an appointment – it will give you the next available date and a selection of times. You print this off and take it with you to immigration – https://crmd.simplybook.pro – it really is very simple!
  5. What will they apply for if not?
    For retirees, they will have to apply under Category F as a Third Country National – please refer to the Ministry of Interior website for more information and other categories
  6. Is this something that CRPG can help with?
    No, the remit of CRPG was (and is) to assist UKN’s who meet the criteria ( as set by the FCDO UK Nationals’ Support Fund) to apply for residency under the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement i.e. MUKW1 (formerly MEU1) and MUKW3 (formerly MEU3)
  7. Do I have to change from my MEU1/3 to the new MUKW1/3 biometric card?
    At present, No it is not incumbent on you to change; it is only if you choose to change it.
  8.  Do I forfeit any rights I have as an MEU holder, If I choose to do so?
    This is under discussion at present  your rights as a UKN in Cyprus should be protected under the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement but is subject to EU agreement of the interpretation – for guidance contact BHC.
  9. If I decide to change do I really need to provide biometric data?
    Yes, it is mandatory for both MUKW1, 2 and 3 – it is a fairly quick and easy process whereby personal information is collected and stored in the CRMD database from which a biometric card is issued and sent to you in due course.
  10. I am stuck in the UK due to COVID but I want to apply for permanent residency when I return, will I still be able to do that?
    Yes, if you are ‘ in scope’ which means you were legally resident in Cyprus before 31st  December 2020 and have the documentary evidence to support it.          For those who were not in scope they must apply as a Third Country National under the Aliens & Immigration Law (Cap. 105) and Aliens & Immigration Regulations 1972 as amended. See Q&A 5
  11. My Parent’s want to retire to Cyprus and live with us, can they do that under the terms of the WA? We have lived here for 10 years.
    Unfortunately, NO — Not unless you can establish them as dependent on you.    If not, they will have to apply under Category F as a Third Country National – refer them to the MOI website MOI.GOV.CY for more information.
  12. I have been here for 20 years so what do I need to apply for?
    If you have documentary evidence such as, for example, uninterrupted supply of electricity or water, that confirms you have been here for 5 years then you can apply for the MUKW3 – if you are unsure please contact the CRPG Help Desk on 99 826 087.
  13. I came out here in November 2020 to work but COVID scuppered that;- So what do I need to apply for and what do I need to have?
    As you arrived prior to 31st December 2020 you are “in-scope” and  can apply for the MUKW1 for which you will need 3 months plus of documentary proof – please see the MUKW1 section on the CRPG website.
  14. To register with GESY what do I need?
    You need a residency document and an S1 if you are claiming a UK Govt Pension or worked here and paid into Social Insurance (or a frontline worker)
  15. How can I register for GESY without residency?
    It is not possible to register without becoming legally resident in Cyprus unless you have an original Alien Registration Number or have worked here and paid into Social Insurance. It is advisable to invest in comprehensive health cover if you are not eligible to register with GESY.
  16. If I am not registered with Gesy and do not have an S1, can I use my EHIC/GHIC in Cyprus?
    Either card can be used for emergency treatment only but it does not cover general treatment or the medical needs of UK Nationals who are resident in Cyprus – in this instance, you will need to register with GESY or take out a health policy
  17. Do I still need to get an S1 from the UK?
    Yes, if you are of retirement age and receiving a UK Govt Pension, then you can apply for an S1 from the NHS in the UK as this will pay for your medical needs in Cyprus under GESY.
  18. Does it affect my rights to healthcare in the UK?
    No, it does not affect your rights in the UK – please refer to GOV UK for more information https://www.gov.uk/guidance/healthcare-in-cyprus.
  19. If I return to the UK what do I need to do to get healthcare via the NHS?
    When you return to the UK and need medical assistance you can re-register with the NHS.
  20. If I have been here for more than 90 days due to COVID and flight restrictions do I need to apply for temporary residency? What happens if I don’t?
    Although the ROC/MOI are sympathetic to this situation, it is advisable to apply for an extension to stay. If you do not have a residency document you could face difficulties or face being fined when travelling in and out of Cyprus,
  21. As I don’t have residency, can I return to Cyprus?
    Yes you can return as a tourist and stay for up to 90 days.
  22. I have an MEU1 but due to COVID I have been away from Cyprus for over 6 months. So, do I need to re-apply and, if so, is that for the new MUKW1?
    You may need to reapply when you return to Cyprus however if your MEU1 does not have an expiry date on it you may be okay. You can always return as a tourist for 90 days and, if necessary, reapply when you are back for the MUKW1.
  23. I have an elderly neighbor who has lived here for 30 years and still has the old pink slip. What does she need to do as she is disabled?
    Please ask her – or someone who can act on her behalf – to contact CRPG Help Desk as she will need to apply for an MUKW3. We can help her every step of the way and explore her options as a disabled person if necessary.
  24. Do I need to exchange my UK driving license for a Cypriot one?
    Yes – if you are here for more than 6 months however The Ministry of Road Transport Cyprus states that drivers can continue to use their UK license without exchanging it until 7th July 2021.
  25. Can I still come and work in Cyprus post WA?
    If you were legally resident in Cyprus before 1 January 2021, you have the right to work, as long you remain legally resident. If you are planning to come to Cyprus to work then you will need a work permit and a visa please refer to the MOI website MOI.GOV.CY for more information.
  26. What about UK bank accounts for people living in Cyprus post WA?
    Whether UK banks can provide services to customers living in the EEA is a matter of local law and regulation. Your bank or finance provider should contact you if they need to make any changes to your product or the way they provide it. If you have any concerns about whether you might be affected, contact your provider or seek independent financial advice. Anyone legally resident in Cyprus can open a bank account, so long as you meet the local account opening requirements. Accounts are available in Euro and Sterling.
  27. Is it possible to apply for social assistance with either an MEU1 or an MEU3?
    Yes, both MEU1 and MEU3 entitle you to apply for social assistance and social welfare benefits. Please refer to the Living in Cyprus page for more information regarding social assistance benefits and the Ministry of Welfare