If you are a UK National Resident in Cyprus or if you are planning to live in Cyprus this site is important to you.

All UK Nationals (UKN) if remaining or planning to remain  on the Island for longer than 90 days must register with the Cyrpus Government Civil regstration and Migration Department (CRMD).

NOTE it can take nearly that long to get an appointment see below:

However if  under EU law and the Withdrawal Agreement (WA)  there is a process for those already resident at the time of BREXIT whereby: all  UK National  citizens “in-scope” that is,  resident in Cyprus before 31st December 2020,  can register and should  already have registered with CRMD.

Registration is provided either by an existing MEU1 or the new MUKW1 which gives the holder certain rights, under EU law,  to stay in Cyprus.

After living in Cyprus for more than 5 years, you may apply for an MUKW 3 Document (the Permanent Residency Certificate).

UK Nationals  who wish to reside in Cyprus must have either an MEU1 / MUKW1 or MEU3/MUKW3 – All previous forms of temporary and permanent residency documents, such as aliens book/pink slips are no longer valid.

How we can help with residency application.

The first step is contact the Help Line ( Tel: 9982 6087) They will advise you. As a result of that call, you will be sent a list of website links that provide all the information you need to help advise and guide you with regard to the process. You can  also be sent an application form for either an MUKW1 or MUKW3 – depending on the length of time you have lived here.

  1. Read temporary Registration and Settled status
  2. Follow the processes referenced there.
  3. It is mandatory that you visit an Immigration Office for the taking of biometric data ( photo, fingerprint, signature). This can only be done by an appointment booked on line and queues are extremely lengthy. Make an appointment at CRMD – your local immigration office
  4. You will need to collate the required documentation.
  5. Fill out the Forms.
  6. Collate all documentation.
  7. Present yourself and the documents (plus photocopies) at the Immigration Office on-time, obey COVID, get the biometrics done and  get and retain receipt. Keep this as evidence of registration until you get the MUKW1/3
  8. Your MUKW1/3 will be provided to you in Cyprus once it has been processed.
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