If you are a UK National Resident in Cyprus or planning to reside in Cyprus this site is important to you.

Under EU law all non-Cypriot EU citizens must register with Civil Registration and Migration Department (CRMD).If remaining on the Island for longer than 90 days, as a UK National you will need an MEU 1 document (the Registration Certificate).

After living in Cyprus for more than 5 years, you may apply for an MEU 3 Document (the Permanent Residency Certificate). They each give the holder different rights under EU law.

UK Nationals who wish to reside in Cyprus must have either an MEU1 or MEU3 – pre 2004 forms of temporary and permanent residency documents, such as aliens book/pink slips are no longer valid.

How we help people with their residency applications:

For people who find it hard to complete the paperwork, particularly pensioners, the disabled and those living in remote areas; or those with mobility difficulties and those needing assistance with language translation or interpretation and who for whatever reason cannot respond and help themselves CRPG is here to help.

The first step is contact the Help Line – they will go through a series of qualifying questions with you. As a result of that call, you will be sent a list of website links that provide all the information you need to help advise and guide you with regard to the process. You will also be sent an application form for either an MEU1 or MEU3 – depending on the length of time you have lived here.

From there your case will be assigned to a Case Worker, if needed, who will contact you to make an appointment to visit you. You will be asked to collate the required documentation plus copies and you will also need to get passport sized photographs.
The Case Worker will then provide receipts and take it to our central office for dispatch to Nicosia who will provide a CRMD receipt for you to be returned for your retention ( this or a copy for you carry with you as identity until you receive your MEU)

Your MEU will be sent to your address in Cyprus once it has been processed.

Please note:

All CRPG Case Workers have received safe guarding training, Data Protection Act training and are CRO cleared. They are identified by their visiting card – if anyone visits you claiming they are from CRPG who does not have ID please do NOT allow them access to your home or give them your personal information.

For those applying without CRPG assistance:

    1. Make an appointment at CRMD – your local immigration office
    2. Collate all documentation.
    3. Present to immigration – get and retain receipt