If you are a British citizen resident in Cyprus or planning to reside in Cyprus this site is important to you.

Under EU law all non-Cypriot EU citizens must register with Civil Registration and Migration Department (CRMD) if remaining on the Island for longer than 90 days. This can take the form of an MEU 1 document (the Registration Certificate) and after living in Cyprus for 5 years, an MEU 3 Document (the Permanent Residency Certificate). They each give the holder different rights under EU law.

The British Government decided to leave the European Union on 29th January 2020.  This decision has serious implications for all UK Nationals  resident in Cyprus, as they will no longer have the EU guaranteed, automatic right of residence in Cyprus. The British High Commission has issued information and advice (see Guidance living in Cyprus)

The EU and Cypriot authorities have decreed that the European Union, MEU 1 and MEU 3 processes must be completed for every UK National who wishes to remain resident in Cyprus. The requirements for these differ from other obsolete forms previously approved for residence (pre-2004  EU regulations). The Republic of Cyprus Government has decreed therefore that all previous forms of temporary and permanent residence registrations issued to UK Nationals prior to 2004 are invalid.

British Nationals who have been in residence in Cyprus for more than 90 days and do not have permanent or temporary residence registration, are actually breaking the law. They are leaving themselves open to the consequences. (It is hoped that these will not be applied). The Republic of Cyprus Government is being extremely generous and making every effort to accommodate Resident  British Nationals and make registration, as easy as possible, and encouraging them  in every legal manner, to qualify to stay. )

To that end the Cypriot Government is currently being extremely helpful and has allowed residents in Cyprus, prior to the expiry date of the transition period (31st  December 2020, ) to register for MEU 1 and MEU 3 without current limit. So long as a UK National has qualified for an MEU1 before the end of the transition period (currently 31 December 2020) then it remains valid  so they may still apply after 5 years qualification for an MEU 3.

Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) believe that there are currently some 70,000 UK Nationals residing in Cyprus.  To date (Feb 2020) some 30,000 have ignored the information and warnings issued by HMG and remain unregistered..

This site is set up to help UK Nationals  complete MEU registration, covering:  reference to the law; interpretation; eligibility; documentation required and the simplest and quickest way to do it. Generally, for most residents it is a simple straight forward process, but inevitably there will be exceptions.

The Cyprus Civil Registration and Migration Department (CRMD) normally requires the physical presence of the registering person during the registration process. They have now relaxed this requirement for those who are unable attend for interview in person, due to reasons of incapacity, and have provided a method for representatives to register such people. This still leaves a number of citizens  who may still find it hard to complete all the paperwork, particularly pensioners and disabled; those living in remote areas or those with mobility difficulties and those needing assistance with language translation or interpretation and who for whatever reason cannot respond and help themselves. HMG  estimates that there are up to 5,000 people in this category. HMG have made available funds through the FCO and the UK Nationals Support Fund for voluntary welfare organisations to assist this group of people in solving their problem and the Cyprus Residency Planning Group CPRG an associate of CIFSA  is one such organisation.

Please see MEU 1 (Registration Certificate after 4 months) or MEU3 (Permanent Residence Certificate after 5 years of residence) and please check the Frequently Asked Questions.