Item 7 – FCO COVID-19 and Cyprus Residency for UK Nationals – the work continues

Cyprus Residency Planning Group

News – Immediate Release

COVID-19 and Cyprus Residency for UK Nationals – the work  continues

During the enforced lockdown, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Nationals Support Group (UKFCO NSG) and CRPG are continuing their shared commitment to assist UK Nationals, with an emphasis on Persons at Risk, to acquire either an MEU1 or MEU3 residency certificate, before the end of the transition period – 31 December 2020.

Currently, COVID-19 is the UK Government’s top priority with the UK FCO providing rapid response to help deal with the crisis. This will, in some instances, impact on CRPG operations and response rates, however CRPG wants to assure UK Nationals that it continues its work in laying the foundations for when the crisis has abated.

Without ‘feet on the ground’ due to lockdown, CRPG is relying on digital and traditional media to reach out with the message ‘that CRPG is open to answer your questions and offer solutions to support individuals who wish to apply for residency in Cyprus’.

Whilst people are staying home, this provides an ideal opportunity for them to gather and collate the required documentation in preparation for the immigration process so that when circumstances allow, CRPG field representatives can assist them. When lockdown is lifted and the Cyprus Government starts processing again, there will be a rush for applications, which is why CRPG is compiling a list of people who need assistance so they will be ready to spring into action.

For more information please visit and also please follow us on Twitter and Facebook – and if there is anyone out there who is willing to help us locate people who are deemed at risk, please contact us so that we may contact them.


Editor’s note: The Cyprus Residency Planning Group (CRPG) is an associate partner of the Cyprus International Financial Services Association (CIFSA) and is a group forming a “Not for Profit” organisation funded by the UK National Support Fund/Europe Directorate. It is dedicated to locating and getting assistance for UK Nationals who may find it hard to complete all the paperwork, particularly pensioners and disabled; those living in remote areas or with mobility difficulties and those needing assistance with language translation or interpretation and who for whatever reason cannot respond and help themselves“.   This is a free service funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office