MEU 1 Check list

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Telephone Number_____________________________________________

Passport (before going to Registration Office)__________________

Or, Alien Registration Number (ARN) (before going to CMRD)__________________



ITEMS INCLUDED orig Copy ref
Application Form MEU 1*
Passports (original) *
Proof of Residence*
     Title Deed of the house ( if home owner)*, OR
     Rental Contracts to cover 5 years (Signed and stamped by Gov Agent )OR,
     Residency Certificate from Muktar.
Proof of Support*
     Employee – Letter of engagement from Employer – AND      
                  – 3 month Social Insurance Certificate      
      Self-employed  – Certificate of registration – AND      
                          – 3 months Social Insurance Certificate      
       Retired / Unemployed – Certificate of income from external source P60 or      
                 –          Pension – P60 or,      
                –           Bank statement of sufficient resources      
 Comprehensive Health Insurance (Form S1 ) or,      
   – Comprehensive health Insurance ( Insurance policy)      
Bank Letter of reference (Desirable not essential)(from your bank)      
1 bank statement for the current month ( from your bank / Internet)*      
20€ CASH