MEU 1 – Certificate of  Registration 

The MEU 1 is a registration certificate submitted by an EU citizen (Or currently resident, registered UK citizen up to the time of the end of the  Transition Period, 31/12/2020). It must be submitted within 4 months of arrival. After 5 years you are eligible to apply for an MEU3  (This is by far the best bet – see MEU 3). –Read the MEU 1 regulations – link below

If you fail to register or become unregistered you are actually breaking the law and liable to a fine of €2.500 ( However currently there have been few occurrences of this happening and the Republic of Cyprus Government have continued to be lenient to offenders, so far).

An MEU1 merely advised the government of your presence in the Country and entitles the EU citizen to reside in Cyprus. As an EU citizen you can work, and purchase or inherit property. It’s validity can and has been changed by the republic of Cyprus Government (RoC Gov.)

After Brexit, British ex-Patriots have ceased to be EU citizens – the regulations had not foreseen such an eventuality and it is being sorted out. The Cypriot authorities have granted an Transition Period until 31/12/2020, at sometime after that date they EU will introduce new EU plastic cards, for residence and travel. The MEU1 will be accepted to exchange for the EU registration Card should the holder wish. They have said (Subject to EU approval) they will accept an extant MEU1, for residence, until the person has completed the 5 years to apply for an MEU3. However, if you have been here 5 years the British High Commission MOST STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you obtain an MEU 3 to which you are entitled and protectors your rights almost equal to that of a Cypriot Citizen indefinitely.

For MEU1 regulations and applications see:

The MS Word form is at the bottom of the page there, and can be downloaded from there

First book an appointment at your local Registration Office.

Unit Address Telephone Fax
Nicosia Chilonos, Nicosia NICOSIA 22802353 22775551
Limassol Franglinou Rousvelt 223, Zakaki, Building ¨D. Nikolaou¨, 2nd floor, 3046 LIMASSOL 22804486 25805651
Larnaka Piale Pasa 75, 6027 LARNAKA 24804242 24304216
Pafos Eleftheriou Venizelou & Kaniggos 22, 2nd floor, 8021 PAFOS 26806221 26911219
Famagusta Police Station Giorki Papadopoulou Street Paralimni 23803286 23811308

If Employed you will need:

  1. Valid UK Passport (with 6 months to run) and copy of the same.( renew passport)
  2. Two Passport-sized photographs – These are best obtained from a reputable professional photographer – They will do them while you wait and are very cheap. The requirements of the photograph vary dependent on the government use! – So tell him what it is for.
  3. And
    • IF employed:- Confirmation of Engagement by the employer (Part III of the application) or certificate of employment and 3 months of Social Insurance certificate.
    • IF self-employed: Certificate of Registration to the Social Securities Services as self-employed and 3 months of Social Insurance certificate.
    • It would be wise to have bank statements showing income in the RoC

If Retired or not working you will need evidence of :

    • Fixed or adequate income from external source; ( a pension is approximately 10k€ so this should suffice;,OR
    • Fixed or adequate income from other legal sources; (The UK national pension is usually sufficient), OR
    • Adequate deposits in financial institutions in the Republic or abroad (This is substantial)

PLUS Proof of comprehensive health insurance in the Republic. Your S1 Form You should have one from UK health Authority

NB. If working you are covered by you Social Insurance Contributions

Failing that an Insurance Policy which may be as basic as the Cyprus Immigration Health Policy others are available.

  • Fee of 20€ cash.