MEU 3 Retired 5yr Home Owner

MEU 3 How Simple Can it Be 

If you are a retired citizen owning your own home for 5 years  the process is quite simple and requires only 2 visits to the local city.


  1. Make an appointment and phone calls (Bank)
  2. Visit 1 – Bank & Electricity Board & Photographer (& if required – Land Registry)
  3. Visit 2 – Registration Office


  1. Open a file,
  2. Call local Registration Office and get advice (if unusual) / make booking.
  3. Work through the list putting each document in the file in the order and checking it off.
  4. Make a note of documents you don’t have and make a plan to get them, add each to the file and tick it off as you get them.
  5. All documents should be originals Plus a photocopy of each document.


  1. Registration Application Form from
  2. Passport – Valid with at least 6 months to run –  If out of date or too short arrange new passport see
  3. PhotosTake or arrange 2 photographs of required dimensions ( standard Cyprus Colour Passport) – It is easiest to use a professional photographer – They are relatively cheap (order of 10€) but if disabled, check whether he does not requires climbing stairs! – If unable to travel, you can also use a mobile Phone Passport Photo App or  but the must be right size and form.
  4. Proof of accommodation – Get original of the title deeds – or original sales / purchase contract,
  5. Banking – Call bank – Ask for (or print) end of year statements last 5 years & last 2 bank statements and ideally  ( but not essential) ask for Bank Reference letter (Ideally “of good standing” ) arrange to collect.6
  6. Services bills Visit Electricity Board and get certificate of last 5 years bills.
    1. Note for above:   If Joint accounts you may need marriage licence, death certificates, probate ( if necessary)7Subsistence   – Pension / P60 P60,
  7. Proof of comprehensive health insurance in the Republic. Your S1 Form.– You should have one from UK health Authority
  8. Assemble documentation with photocopies and check – ideally independent check.
  9. Go to CRMD with €20 (cash) and submit and arrange delivery by post or collection
  10. Later check receipt of MEU3