MEU 3 Permanent Residency Certificate

General Information from the CRMD 2007 regulation web site

An MEU3 confers on an EU citizen, who has been legally resident in the Republic of Cyprus for 5 years, the rights of a Citizen of the Republic of Cyprus including: the right of permanent abode in the country; the right to own one or more properties;  the right to social welfare, and the right to health cover under GESY, the right to get an EU plastic residency doc in 2021. These rights are only lost after an absence of 5 years. These are valid permanently even after the end of the Transition Period. If you have an MEU1 and do not yet have 5 years the Cypriot Government has promised that you may reside on your MEU1 until you have accumulated 5 years and you then have the right to apply for MEU3.

The details of eligibility, application documentation and forms are at :

The MS Word application document can be downloaded from the foot of the web page, as can a list of recommended documents.

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The establishment that Cyprus is the country of residence where you habitually lived for 5 years may or may not be straight forward.

Below are the recommended documents which may be submitted for the application of a Certificate of Permanent Residence, by the person concerned in order to prove continuity of Residence in the Republic of Cyprus.

But for more detail and a simple process please see and follow the MEU3 Process

Please Note:

  1. That the below mentioned documents are not all required in every case, nor individually, but as appropriate depending on the case
  2. For ease more is better.
  3. If unsure of the document get a briefing from the relevant office for your case (normally a brief interview or simply a phone call)
  4. If you have any problems with this consult a professional expert.

Action1: telephone the relevant office and book an appointment

In all cases the documents must the original (or an originator certified copy) plus 1 photocopy are MANDATORY

  1. Application Form filled and signed
  2. To prove identity
    1. Current Valid UK Passport (with 6 months to run) (plus photocopy)( renew passport) AND/OR
    2. Certificate of Registration or Residence Card. (plus photo Copy) must contain Alien Registration number (ARN),
  3. To prove your Presence in Cyprus for the last 5 years
      1. You had Accommodation covering the last five years (NB in many cases the official “OR” is replaced by “AND” for ease of application more is more better):
      2. Rental Agreement (s) (plus 1 photo copy) (Note the agreement must have stamps and Muktar signature!) OR
      3. Property sale contract (s)(plus photo copy), OR
      4. Title deed(s) (plus photo copy) OR
      5. Failing this rent receipts of bank payments. (plus photo copy)
      6. Failing this seek advice, there are special but difficult option.
      7. PLUS To Prove you were present in the accommodation – Utility bills or statements of accounts from the relevant Authority (electricity (1st choice) ,  Water, or Telephone Land line) dating back five years. For people resident in the same location for 5 years this is easiest to just go to the Electricity Office and ask for the MEU3 – 5 year statement and they will check and generally produce while you wait. (plus photo copy)
  4. 4. To prove your self sufficiency ( compliance to EU Freedom of movement Law DIRECTIVE 2004/38/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 29 April 2004 – Article 7 –
    1. Bank Statements dating back five years & current month. If just proving your self-sufficiency then just the yearly end income expenditure and balance record (5 pages). – Easiest Ring or Go to the Bank who are used to providing these and usually take 2-3 days.
    2. It is also useful to have a formal letter from the Bank stating you are a “ A customer of good standing for the last 5 years” – usually 2 days and about €25. (plus photo copy)
    3. If employed / self employed the Social Insurance Certificate for contributions over the last five years by month. (plus photo copy)
  1. 5. Health Cover GESY,  and UK S1 ,  or private policy, or Cyprus Immigration Health Policy.
  2. 6. Any other document proving the completion of a continuous period of five years in the Republic of Cyprus.
  3. 7. FEE of 20€ cash