An MUKW3 is a Biometric Card issued to a UK National Citizen who was “in scope” of the Withdrawal Agreement (WA)  ( i.e. can prove residence in Cyprus before 31st December 2020) with the intent to remain here and to have been continually resident for 5 years.  It replaces the old MEU3 which currently remains a valid alternative.

It can be applied for after completing the 5 years requirement and is valid 10 years provided that the UKN does not leave Cyprus for more than a 2 year period. (Note: residence is defined as being present in Cyprus and it being your main place of residence and doing business, for more than 186 days in every 366 day period. There are exceptions for study, illness and military duty.)

  • You can legally reside in Cyprus.
  • You can legally work in Cyprus.
  • You can join GESY –   You will need an S1 or proof of social insurance payments in Cyprus (please go to our health cover section here)
  • You can currently buy one property.
  • You can visit other European countries and return directly to Cyprus.
  • You can use the biometric channel and should not need other documentation which you may need if you have an MEU3 and save time.
  • It will be easier to work with any RoC or EU authority requiring identification.

Requirements to apply for the MUKW3:
Completed application form
Copy of MEU1 if applicable
Utility Bill (water or electricity) which confirms residency for 5 years

To apply for an MUKW3 you will need to make an appointment at your local immigration office, please click here


Changing the MEU3 to the MUKW3
Complete the application form Page 2
Provide copies of:
Current MEU3
Utility Bill


Non-compliance with regards to residency could place UKN’s in some jeopardy now that the UK is not longer a member of the EU

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