An MUKW3 is a Residency  Certificate issued to a UK National Citizen who was “in scope” of the Withdrawal Agreement (WA)  ( i.e. can prove residence in Cyprus before 31st December 2020) with the intent to remain there and to have been continually resident for 5 years.  It replaces the old MEU3 which currently remain a valid alternative. You can easily replace your MEU3 if you have one with an MUKW3.

It can be applied for after completing the 5 years requirement  and is valid 10 years provided that the UKN does not leave Cyprus for more than a 2 year period. (Note: residence is defined as being present in Cyprus and it being your main place of residence and doing business, for more than 186 days in every 366 day period. There are exceptions for study, illness and military duty.)

It is a plastic card and contains biometric data.  The Benefits are

      • You can legally reside in Cyprus.
      • You can legally work in Cyprus.
      • You can join GESY.
      • You can currently buy property.
      • You can visit other European countries and return directly to Cyprus.
      • You can use the biometric channel and should not need other documentation which you may need if you have an MEU3 and save time.
      • It will be easier to work with any RoC or EU authority requiring identification.
      • You will be afforded the same rights ( in general) as a citizen of the republic of Cyprus.

UKN are no longer EU citizens and living in Cyprus and being Non-Compliant could place the UKN in some jeopardy.


  1. Read and understand  MUKW3 as it applies to you see Cyprus Gov Site
    1. Read the page and click on and read the section  Show details for Permanent Residence Document for UK nation. & fam. memb.(UKW3)Permanent Residence Document for UK nation. & fam. memb.(UKW3) and then for Paper version download the relevant MUKW3 form & documents at the bottom of the page.   (note: you will need to download the zipped application file and have or download .RAR in order  to unzip it and Adobe reader to read the .pdf file and print it ).  Fill out the paper form , then sign,  and pay €30 cash with application at Immigration.    
      OR,    On-line Application Form will be available at a later date. (allegedly 21st Feb – May 21s its not yet)

      1. Print and Fill out form OR,
      2. Fill form on-line and print and pay €30 by card, then wait for the receipt case number
    2. Open a paper file, download , print and paste checklist on front. Tick off each document as added in sequence.
    3. Call MoI CRMD/ Immigration Office for appointment and get advice (if there is anything unusual about your case) / make booking. OR you can now book on-line click on CRMD Bookings,(Then click on Book Now;  “ your local office”;   UK;   ” registration of UK citizens”- select ; and the time slot”– details will then be sent to you confirming)
  2. Work through checklist putting each document in the file in the correct order and check it off.
  3. Make a note of documents you don’t have, and make a plan to get them.
  4. Get documents and add each to the file in the correct location and tick it off as you get them.
  5. All documents should be originals at this stage.
  6. All UK Government forms (Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Divorce Certificate etc) – must be Apostilled.
  7. Photo copy originals and add to file in the same order.
  8. Assemble documentation with photocopies and check and double check meticulously as CRMD will! – ideally get some else to do independent check!
  9. Go, on time, to MoI CRMD/ Immigration Office.
  10. Get Biometrics (Fingerprint and Signature scan) done.
  11. Have documents validated.
  12. Get Receipt for the application and keep as evidence until you receive your MUKW3.

NOTE —  For those defined as “Persons-at-Risk”  by UK FCDO   help may be available through CRPG .


  1. Applicability – You must PROVE residence ( occupation) for at least 186 days in every 366 day period for 5 years ( there are exceptions for illness, overseas work, education, military service etc – if needed check the reference )
  2. Completed Application form MUKW3 OR   On-line form completed and submitted
  3. Valid passport If out of date or too short see: – arrange new passport
  4.  OR, IF you are an MEU3  Certificate Holder and you wish to change to an MUKW3:
    1. Copy of MEU 3
    2. Passport 
  1. €30 (cash for each application)