Old Style Docs


UK Nationals and Old- Style Residency Documents

IMPORTANT – There is a limit on Old style Identity Documents – All must have Biometric data after 3rd August 2026

There still seems to be some discussion – and some might say discord – surrounding older style residency documents issued in Cyprus, so for clarity, if you have one of these residency documents be it blue, brown, pink or a stamp in your passport which will have been issued before 2004………………..

You should have got one of these, which are no longer issued but still valid:


MEU1 if you had been                                                            MEU3 if you had been
here 90+ days up to 5 years                                                       here 5+ years

From 1st January 2021 you may apply for one of these new cards,


        MUKW1                                                                               MUKW3

 BUT keep your old document and include a copy in your submission – it contains your ARN number which will much speed your application – It is also essential when registering for GESY, you will need it with the exact spelling of your name on your registration in RoC ( check the entry in the citizens advice). 

If you are unsure please contact the CRPG Help Desk on 99826087 or visit our website cyprus-crpg.org or email to mailto:contactus@cyprus-crpg.org

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