MEU 3 Process Jan 2020

    1. Make a file, paste checklist on front. Tick off each document as added in sequence.
    2. Call Cyprus Registration Office to get advice (if unusual) and make booking.
    3. Work through checklist putting each document in the file in order and check it off.
    4. Make a note of documents you don’t have and make a plan to get them, add each to the file and tick it off as you get them.
    5. All documents should be originals Plus a photocopy of each document.


    1. Completed Application form from CRMD Web Site  
    2. Passport – Valid with at least 6 months to run –  If out of date or too short see: –  arrange new passport
    3. Photos – Take or arrange 2 photographs of required dimensions (Cyprus passport standard size colour) — It is easiest to use a professional photographer – They are  in the order of 10€. (If disabled, check whether he requires climbing stairs!) – If unable to travel – You can also use an iPhone Passport Photo App  but the must be right size and format.
    4. Proof of Accommodation
      1. Own a house – Get original of the deeds  – if necessary go to Land Registry – or use the original sales / purchase contract, OR
      2. Rental Contract(s) for 5 years (Ensure contract is stamped and countersigned by Government Registered Certifying Officer – ask Mukhtar). OR
      3. Bank Receipts for rental payments for 5 years, OR
      4. A Formal Certificate of Residence (5 years) from a Mukhtar.
    5. Banking – Call bank ask for (or print)  end-of-year-statements for the last 5 years & last 2 months bank statements
    6. and ideally  ( but not essential) ask for Bank Reference letter ( Ideally “of good standing” ) arrange to collect.
    7. Services Bills – Visit Electricity Board ( absolutely 1st Choice as they have a program and print to do it (5 mins)).  or other utility, (water& sewage or landline) and get certificate of last 5 years usage.
    8. Note for  all the above:   If Joint ownership, lease, accounts you may need marriage licence, death certificates, probate (if necessary).
    9. Source of Income
      1. If Employed
        1. If employed: – Confirmation of Engagement by the employer (Part III of the application) or certificate of employment and 5 years of Social Insurance Certificate.
        2. If self-employed: Certificate of Registration to the Social Insurance Services as self-employed and 5 years of Social Insurance Certificate.
      2. OR –  If  Retired – or not working you will need proof of :
        1. Fixed or adequate income from external source; (a UK State Pension is approximately 10k€ so this should suffice)_e.g. award document – P60, OR
        2. Fixed or adequate income from other legal sources; (Company or personal pension of above state pension), OR
        3. Adequate deposits in financial institutions in the Republic or abroad (this is substantial) PLUS
      3. Proof of comprehensive health insurance in the Republic. Your S1 Form,  You should have one from UK Health Authority , OR
      4. If not working and not of state pensionable age you must have private medical insurance. This can be as basic as the  Cyprus Immigration Health Policy . (See online).
      5. Assemble documentation with all photocopies and check – ideally independent check.
      6. Go to Registration office for appointment with €20 (cash per application) and attend interview to submit documents and get a receipt or refusal.
      7. MEU 3 will be sent by post after approximately 3 to 6 months