Health Cover

For Health Cover in the Republic of Cyprus see UK NHS Guidance 

In Cyprus there is an equivalent National Health Service – GESY

There are 2 parts to GESY

  1.  Entitlement – Read the GESY link above. Basically if you have an Alien Registration Number (ARN) you can register. You find the alien registration number on your MEU1/MUKW1 or MEU 3/MUKW3 and even on a previous (now invalid) form of registration. ( If using a previous from of registration it is essential that you go to the Citizens Advice Dept, with your ARN  and check EXACTLY ( Case, Title,  Jot & Tittle) what name you are registered under.- (Your GESY registration has to match exactly).
  2. Payment –

a. Pensioner  If you are a UK pensioner you are entitled to a Form S1 from the UK National Health Service. If you have an MEU1/MUKW1 or MEU 3/MUKW3 You will need this as part of the registration process for GESY and also to submit to the tax office in order to be excused the GESY tax. If you have an S1 (and only and S1) then under a bi-lateral agreement the UK NHS will pay for GESY treatment. 

S1 Application Process  
( click for UK NHS pdf)

b. Working If you are working in the Republic of Cyprus then payment is covered by your Social Insurance Payments.

c. If on Low income – you can apply for a Medical Card which will reduce the cost of GESY health Care

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